Tuesday, December 18, 2012

VIDEO: Man shot close to police checkpoint refused treatment at public hospital


Mr Ghamba was traveling back to Lagos and gave his friend a ride - it would be his friend's first time in the big city - but little did they both know what awaited them tonight.

"I felt dropping him at the bus park would create issues - if he was declared missing, they would say i was the last person to see him," explained Mr Ghamba, an automobile businessman. "So I dropped him in the house he was going to - not knowing there were armed robbers parading the neighbourhood."

Mr Ghamba dropped his friend and that's when everything went wrong.

"After I dropped him, I got caught up in the traffic and in the process I got shot."

He was shot in the waist, near his stomach and other vital organs.

Only 200 metres away from where he was shot, Mr Ghamba explained, was a police check-point. As he had passed earlier, they had asked him 'where are you going?' - but now, there were no police to be seen.

"Because of the bleeding I was taken directly to the General Nigeria hospital, Ikeja - but they said they cannot attend to me until I bring a police report."

As he continued to bleed to death - Mr Ghamba was then shuttled between different hospitals to try and get treated to save his life.

By perhaps the only piece of good fortune on this night of disaster, a doctor at a private hospital lived at the house outside which Mr Ghamba had been shot. He was eventually taken to the private hospital and with the doctor's help and explanation - he was treated and saved.

He paid N150,000 ($1000) for a month's treatment but says - "You can't quantify health in terms of Naira and Kobo."

Money was not the issuse for Mr Ghamba - "The issue is, if I were to bleed profusely - I would have bled to death."

Source: Batabox

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