Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jacob Zuma being paid in his own coin as he battles deputy

"What goes around comes around" so goes the saying. The President of South-Africa Jacob Zuma  may be having a strong contender  on his way towards retaining the leadership of his party Africa National Congress (ANC) in the person of his person Kgalema Motlanthe, his present deputy as Monthlante has indicated his interest in contending for the leadership position of the party. He had accepted nomination from some provinces to contend the leadership position.

Motlanthe a very reserved man unlike Zuma is also accepting nomination for the deputy president position so that he can be able to retain his office as the Deputy- President. Monthlante had once risked his political career to support Zuma when the later was thrown out of office on the grounds of corruption. Clinching the leadership of  Mandela's anti-apartheid party is synonymous with winning the President of the Southern African Country which is the most likely in 2014 National elections. Zuma had challenged and defeated his own boss Thambo Mbeki when the later was the president. 

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