Monday, December 10, 2012

Details on how Finace Minister's 82 Years Mum was Kidnapped!

The  82 years old mother of  Nigeria's minister of Finance and former World bank Managing Director Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Okonjwo Iweala has been kidnapped.


Reports says she was Kidnapped in the Palace of her husband the traditional ruler of Ogwashi-uku,  Obi (Prof.) Chukwuka Okonjo.  Mrs. Kanene Okonjo  was  abducted around 1:47pm on Sunday  by a gang of armed men who seized her at the gate of the palace at Ogbe-ofu and took her away while  the husband had traveled out of town.

The state Police command had made an arrest of a man who had earlier been to take the queen to a place in the town.

A source within the palace said , “The abductors were heavily armed. They were about 10. They bailed up the men fixing the interlocking tiles and asked them to lie face down".
“Immediately they saw her (the King’s wife) they bundled her into a waiting Golf car while another car was parked outside.”
It was learnt that one of them went upstairs to collect the woman’s handbag. The eyewitness said another maid, who sighted the kidnappers upstairs, hid herself in the kitchen.
 As at the time of filing this report the kidnappers were yet to contact the family of the Finance's Minister though a family source said she is already working with security officials in Abuja on how her mother could be freed.
Ngozi Iweala’s mother , Prof. Kamene Okonjo is a medical doctor who is married to a popular monarch (traditional ruler), Professor Chukwuka Aninshi Okonjo Agbogidi in Ogwashi-Uku kingdom. She is 82-year-old and the husband of is Obi Chukwuka Okonjo, a retired professor of Economics and the present  traditional ruler of Ogwashi-Uku.
 Adequate security of the entire nation might have prevented such occurrences. Our leaders should ask themselves a question. Who is next in line?

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