Friday, December 21, 2012

Sacked Mc Donald waitress gets £3,000 compensation

A waitress at Mc Donalds who was sacked for sprinkling too much chocolate on ice cream for a fellow work mate had received £3,000 compensation.

She said “The matter was trivial, in that I provided a fellow employee, who was purchasing a dessert, a generous sprinkling of chocolate pieces on a 99p Mc Flurry 

“There is no standard for such measures - they are always imprecise and will vary among customers.
“My colleague had asked me: ‘Make it a nice one’.
“So the measure I gave erred on the side of more than, rather than less.”

Sarah Finch, 19 who earned £180-a-week at the branch of McDonald’s in Carmarthen, West Wales was paid in an  out of court settlement sequel to her taking Mc Donalds to an employment tribunal for being sacked unjustly. 

Sarah, from Kidwelly, West Wales, now studying for A-levels in chemistry, physics and biology, was described as an “exceptional employee” before being sacked.

She had since withdrawn the case from the tribunal.

Stories like this may make one sometimes wish for a sack

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  1. Nice to know. Really funny and of cores nice post.

  2. Great achievement by Sacked Mc Donald to get such a great amount i congratulate you but this is not happen in regular basis but you are lucky to get He has a good point this. Best of luck for the next time.

  3. There are only few person who are lucky and get such a big amount and in those lucky person one is you and i hope Sacked Mc Donald you are very happy to get such a amazing amount. Some people think this is funny but for me it is not.