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Farmer Builds A Meadow Of 6,000 Trees In Honour Of Late Wife

It is said that love is like a wind, you may not see or touch it but you will always feel it wherever it is present. For those who think true love, unflinching loyalty and sincere devotion are just myths, it must be stated that true love is like a miracle, only those who experience it can understand. Read the heart-rending story of love between a farmer and his wife. 
The wonderfully-made heart-shaped meadow Winston Howes made in honour of his late wife. True love is always distinct and different.

 For decades, Winston Howes devotedly constructed, watered and maintained a meadow shaped in form of a heart as a tribute to his late wife and soulmate, Janet. She died suddenly 17 years ago and the devastated Winston started to plant saplings of oak trees in the shape of a perfect heart with the middle pointing in the direction of her childhood home (can anything be sweeter than that, DDDD?)

The heart-shaped meadow points to where his late wife grew up.

 Now 70 years old, Winston's little meadow has grown to cover six acres and it is now the place where he sits and remembers the woman who was his wife for 33 years who died in 1995 at the age of 50 from heart failure (that's quite heartbreaking...). 

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One spectacular thing with the meadow is that it is actually hidden away from sight and can only be seen properly from the air. The meadow is located in Winston's farm near Wickwar, South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. The two got married in 1962. 
The two lovers, Winston and Janet in 1960. True love is timeless...
The heart itself is one acre long and he painstakingly and carefully marked it out with a massive hedge, starting some months after her death. The heart is somewhat secretive and can only be entered from a track that takes you to the tip. This is the true heart of oaks..the meadow has 6,000 oak trees. Winston made sure she always remained in his heart. True love is a mysterious language that can be understood only by those in it. Actually, no one knew of the heart (it was a family secret all these years) until a balloonist flew over it recently and couldn't believe his eyes!

Hear him: 

“I thought it was a great idea - it was a flash of inspiration - and I planted several thousand oak trees.

“Once it was completed we put a seat in the field, overlooking the hill near where she used to live.

“I sometimes go down there, just to sit and think about things. It is a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years.

“We planted large oak trees around the edge of the heart, then decided to put a hedge around it too.

The two again, in 1994, a year before Janet died. True love never forgets to honour, remember, cherish and love, even in death.
The heart-shaped meadow from the air

Winston ensured that the heart points to Wotton Hill, where his late wife grew up. He also planted lovely flowers in the meadow and flew over it five years ago to catch a glimpse of his lasting love. Truly, true love never dies, it only gets deeper and stronger with time...

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