Friday, January 4, 2013

Brazilian Virginity for sale

 Rebecca Bernardo, a Brazilian high school student posted a video on you tube last month. She was motivated by desperation and inspired by  another Brazilian Catarina Migliorini who offered to sell hers to an Australian  website got wide publicity and modelling contracts. She had tried selling cosmetics and worked as a waitress but the money was barely enough to take care of her mother who suffered from stroke. She also disclosed she made up her mind after her 18 years birthday.

 People in her neighborhood have been having strange look at her as shopkeepers and school children in this remote Brazilian farming town giggle and point when Rebecca Bernardo pedals by on her rusty red bicycle. She had lost only sister years ago and she never knew her father. her  mother is devastated saying she should find work rather than prostituting herself. She has received three bids with the highest being $35,000 so far. Attempts by a TV station to convince her to stop the auction that they will pay her mother's medical bill failed as she also wants to start a new life.

English video below

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