Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don Jazzy almost killed me- Princewill

Much might have not been heard about the latest act  of the popular CEO of Mavins record, Don Jazzy.
A Lagos Princewill had alleged the later sponsored his bodyguards to beat him up at his newly opened club POP. Though he said Don Jzzy had sent him an sms apologizing and asking for an account number so that he can pay the hospital bill  but he says
'' Its not about the money,this could happen to anyone,it is abuse of power and needs to be checked before someone is killed all in the name of the other being a celebrity.Don Jazzy stood there pinging on his blackberry as his thugs beat me up,that is the last thing i remember before i fainted.it....''

However we are yet to hear the other part of the story from Don Jazzy himself. Let us hope it is false as this event alone can cause a turn of event in his career.

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