Wednesday, July 18, 2012


President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday explains why his administration had erred in his electoral promise to deliver as promised in his campaign manifesto.

 He ascribed this to the security problem in the country as his administration is being distracted by the religious sect, boko haram which has claimed responsibilities for the killings of hundred of Nigerians and bombing of religious houses in the northern part of the countries.

Citing this at the 60th National Executive Council meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party, he went further to state that Job creation is one of the priorities of his government.

He however expresses optimism that the menace of the sect will soon be reduced to enable sustainable development in the country.

He also used the opportunity to express his fear about the activities of the opposition parties saying 

“The opposition parties want to drown the PDP. We believe that if we do not have a party as robust as the PDP, probably, the republic would have collapsed. Because we witnessed what happened in the First Republic and we know the circumstances that led to the collapse of the First Republic and the Second Republic.

 “We know what is happening in other African countries. If the ruling party over intimidates and over imposes, using the weight of the Federal Government; and the citizens revolt, it weakens the political system and creates confusion and instability. 

“But the PDP, even though, we control the Federal Government, we operate a system that even the opposition fly higher than us. They abuse us more, but we allow it. It is the PDP’s handling of the affairs of the country that is stabilizing democracy in the country.”

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