Sunday, November 11, 2012


The largest tumor ever removed weighs almost the same as three bags of cement? It was a multicystic mass of the right ovary. It was removed in its entirety as a single mass of 137.6 kg (303 lb). It was removed in its entirety in October 1991 from the abdomen of an unnamed 34-year-old woman.

The tumor which was removed intact was a multicystic mass of the right ovary weighing 137.6 kg (303 lb). The patient had a final weight of 95 kg (210 lb) after the operation and has made a full recovery left the operating theater on a stretcher and the cyst left on another.It has to be carefully exercised with the patient resting on his sides so as to not be crushed by it.  The operation, which took over six hours and was performed by Professor Katherine O Hanlan of Stanford University Medical Center, California, USA. The growth had a diameter of 1 m (3 ft).

For more details on it check out this video--------> LARGEST TUMOR EVER REMOVED

Sometimes I wonder how she was able to live with such a mass . She was however lucky it was a benign one i.e not a cancer

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